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At SNA Billiards & Darts we pride ourselves on quickly improving your pool and dart game.
Anyone from a beginner to an intermediate level player can benefit from our lessons.

What You Can Expect

Based on your experience and knowledge you can improve your game, starting from any of the following:

  • Fundamentals
  • Aiming
  • Breaking
  • Speed Control
  • Ball Placement
  • Strategy

  • Garrett said on Jun 27, 2019: George did a great job teaching the fundamentals. I walked away from my first lesson with three specific, actionable suggestions that have already improved my game.

  • Gadi said on Jun 19, 2019: Had my first ever billiards lesson and loved it. George is a very effective instructor - he explains well, he corrects your form, he's patient, and he brings the game to life. Looking forward to continuing with George and getting better at the game.

  • Gina said on Jun 19, 2019: George was a great teacher. He was patient and very informative. He provided me with many helpful tips. Would highly recommend!

  • Robert said on Jun 4, 2019: Like the approach, he had for teaching billiards. Very friendly.

  • Ryan said on May 28, 2019: George was great! Fun guy, smart pool player, good teacher. We had a good time learning from him and definitely came away as better pool players. Would recommend!

  • Coco said on Feb 4, 2019: George is EXCELLENT! He is patient and great at explaining the essentials of the game including angles, cue holding and position, and techniques. I got immeasurably better from the 1st lesson. Thanks George!

  • Cynthia said on Jun 3, 2019: Our teen aged daughter received billiard instructions from her uncle as a Christmas Gift. We decided to make it a family event, and the three of us met George at Status Billiards. I was curious to see how he would handle billiard instruction with a younger person. Confidence building is important when teaching kids and George did a great job of helping our daughter understand and strategically play the game in a way that was neither patronizing nor demoralizing. He led by example; he was patient, kind, engaged and was having fun. This set the tone for a great experience for our daughter and the whole family. We're going to encourage she practice on weekends and intend to incorporate billiards into our "time with family".

  • Robert said on Dec 17, 2018: Very easy going while teaching you all aspects of Billards. I liked the approach of playing the game while answering questions. Emphasizing repeatability.

  • Frank said on Nov 12, 2018: George is a great teacher. He is very relaxed, knows what he is teaching, and is generous with his time. I enjoyed my lesson very much.

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